Smokin’ Hot Web Design

We design websites that range from simple “online brochures” consisting of just a few pages to robust e-commerce sites that may consist of hundreds of pages.

Website Design Practices

Our website design practices have been refined from thousands of hours of web design work on our own sites and our clients sites. Best practices in website design are constantly changing. What worked a few years ago isn’t always what works today.

When we design a website, there’s a few key principles that we follow to ensure you get the best possible design for your brand and the growth of your business. Here are a few of our website design principles in detail …

  • Attractive – Having a great looking site is critical because it affects the way visitors perceive your brand. Our primary goal when we create a website is create something that is visually appealing so visitors will want to learn more about your company, your products, and your services. But having an attractive website design isn’t the only thing that gets visitors to become customers. It’s just the first step to grabbing a visitors attention.
  • Convincing – The best looking website design in the world won’t cause someone to become a customer if it doesn’t communicate the benefits of your products and services persuasively and believably. Once a visitor’s attention is grabbed by your design, we use persuasive copy and lots of proof elements to make sure they believe your company is far better than your competition.
  • Easy To Navigate – We always design websites that allow your visitors to find the information they need in less than 2 clicks from the home page, and you most important content that converts visitors into buyers will be directly linked from the home page to give website visitors exactly what they want without having to search around for it.
  • Useful – This applies to the content we provide and the tools we integrate with your website design. By offering useful content, visitors will spend more time on your site and feel more comfortable doing business with you. For service professionals, we develop content that positions you as a subject matter expert. Additionally, we want your website design to be useful for your business operations. So we will often integrate tools to improve the communications in your office, or create mechanisms that allow you to communicate more effectively with your customers. This includes things like email marketing communications, text messaging, file sharing features, appointment scheduling, and more.
  • SEO Optimized Architecture – Our websites are optimized for search engines from the very beginning. Even if you don’t want to do search engine optimization from the outset, you can easily opt to do it later without needing much work to get started because our website designs have a framework that search engines love. Check out our SEO service to learn more about search engine optimization and why it’s important for your business.

Most of our websites are built on WordPress since they are so easy for our clients to manage after we build them.

We Even Write The Content!

That’s right, we have professional writers to create custom content for your site.  We do independent research to gain a better understanding of your business and niche, and then our writers will schedule and hold phone interviews with you or your other team members to enable us to write content tailored specifically to your business.

Check out our Gallery for samples of our website design work.  Or click here to request a website quote online.