Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

There is a conversation happening out there between your prospective customers and your competition.  In fact, 78% of small businesses gain at least a quarter of their new customers through social media.

If you’ve been a wallflower in social media, we can help you get out there and mingle with interested buyers of your products and services.

Does your Facebook page resemble a ghost town?  Is dust gathering on your Twitter profile? We can help!

We make sure your business is present in the social circles where your customers hang out.  Including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.  In addition to daily updates to the four major social networks, we’ll create authoritative posts on your blog to educate your audience and keep your business top of mind.

Here’s what this service includes:

  • 2 Facebook & Google+ posts per day, 5 days a week
  • 2 Twitter & LinkedIn posts per day, 5 days a week
  • 2 targeted blog posts a month

Price – $497/month

Setup Cost (optional) – $99

This includes blog setup and hosting, and profile creation on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, & LinkedIn.

Custom Profile Graphics (optional) – $297

Professional, branded graphics for your social media profiles including:

  • Facebook timeline cover image
  • Twitter background image
  • Twitter header
  • Google+ cover photo
  • Profile Image / Avatar

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Social Media Services

Do you respond to comments and questions on our social profiles?

No.  We handle the tedious work of researching, creating, and posting content for your business on your various social media profiles, but we do not respond to questions and comments on your behalf.  We can also setup your social media profiles and create custom graphics so that your business looks great in social media.

What kind of content will you write for my blog?

One of our professional writers will research and create articles related to your industry.  These articles will not specifically be about your business or your products/services.  That are designed to be educational, informative, and entertaining to keep your brand in front of your audience with quality content.

What kind of content will your distribute to my social media profiles?

Posts will be related to your industry and cover a range of topics designed to be educational, informative, engaging, and entertaining.  We often ask questions, share news, facts, trivia, quotes, and much more.  Variety is definitely the “spice of life” in social media so we keep our posts fresh and are constantly coming up with new things to share.

Can I suggest article topics for my blog?


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