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Excel Master Spreadsheet Customization

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I added a few formulas to the Excel Master Spreadsheet in June 2023 to help quickly identify cells that need attention. These all correlate to the data used in the Finale->Woo integration.

Here’s how it works…

  • If a row in column CG (heading: “on website”) contains “yes”, any REQUIRED or IMPORTANT cells in that row are evaluated
  • If a REQUIRED cell is empty, the background turns RED… a red cell means “this product can’t be created in Woo without this data”
  • If an IMPORTANT cell is empty, the background turns PURPLE … a purple cells means “this product CAN be created, but important info is missing” 

If a REQUIRED field is empty, the Finale->Woo Updater/Creator will reject the product and send an email notification with details of the missing Finale data so you can fix it. 

If an IMPORTANT field is empty, the Woo Updater/Creator will update/create the product, but it will also send an email notification with details of the missing data to ensure completed product listings on the website. 

I set these fields to “required” and/or “important” because:

  • Required Fields: Without these, users won’t be able to find and/or purchase them. 
  • Important Fields: These fields aren’t mandatory, but users will consider them before purchasing (empty fields=lower sales). Also, many of these fields will be required for live freight quotes. 

Okay.. that’s it!