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The Coolest Guy in Nashville

Mike Nacke... Now Cooler Than Ever... Since 2011

Hi … Mike Nacke here. Apparently, the coolest guy in Nashville.

Am I really the coolest guy in Nashville?


Then why does this page rank #1 in Google when you search for “the coolest guy in Nashville?”

Did I cast a voodoo spell on Google, sacrifice a goat, decapitate a chicken, and offer the blood to the search engine gods?


Here’s the skinny…

I built this page on July 8th, 2011 and 4 days later it ranked #1 for “coolest guy in Nashville”.

I built it to show how to rank #1 in Google, Yahoo, & Bing for the phrase “coolest guy in Nashville” using best practices in search engine optimization.

Things have changed since then, so I’ve updated this page to reflect those changes.

Why would I want to rank #1 for “Coolest Guy in Nashville?”

Seems kinda silly, right?

I did it to show how easy it is to rank a webpage for anything you choose. In this case, I chose the phrase “coolest guy in Nashville.”

But the game has changed since 2011.

It ain’t so easy anymore.

Here’s why…

A Not-So-Brief History of SEO & The Coolest Guy in Nashville

When I first built this page in 2011, SEO was a game of manipulation.  You just had to create mediocre content and get other websites to link to it.

So I came up with the idea to create this page and it jumped to #1 in less than a week.

At the time of this writing, you can still go to Google and search for “coolest guy in Nashville” and this page shows up #1.

But Thing’s Have Changed

It’s become soooooo hard to influence search engines with old school SEO tactics.

The only way to rank on the top is with GREAT CONTENT.  Without that… you’re screwed. You can spam a zillion links back to your mediocre content, but it won’t rank.

The eggheads at Google finally figured out how to put the best content first.

Coolest Guy in Nashville Spills The Beans About Ranking #1

If you go to Google and search for your products, services, or business type … are you on top?

If not … there’s a secret that your competitors don’t want you to know about.

The person who IS on top didn’t get there by accident.

They hired a guy like me – the coolest guy in Nashville – to orchestrate a careful process to get them ranked at the top.

Here’s How I Got Ranked Coolest Guy in Nashville

The process is called search engine optimization (SEO), and it involves building a website that search engines love.

I built this site and created this webpage with SEO best practices in mind. So when I decided that I wanted to rank #1 for “coolest guy in Nashville” … it was a breeze.

After building the site to feed the search engine’s appetite, I got links from other sites to this page. In the eyes of the search engines, each of these links counts as a “vote” for the popularity of this page for the term “coolest guy in Nashville.”

Truthfully, SEO is more complicated than that … but you get the idea.

That’s basically how I got ranked this page #1 for “coolest guy in Nashville.”

Easy peasy.

Want To Learn More About The Coolest Guy in Nashville?

Mike Nacke is a dead-sexy, brilliant entrepreneur (I’m shamelessly writing this about myself) and the founder of Nacke Media.

We provide digital marketing that delivers new customers, helps retain current customers and increases bottom line profits.

We do it through search engine optimization, local search marketing, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, and much more.

To learn more about our business – and the coolest guy in Nashville –  just gimme a call.

Your Coolest Friend,

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