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There are literally hundreds of thousands of websites of lawyers and law firms trying to get the interest of potential clients. With so much competition on the Internet, a law firm’s website only has a few seconds to engage site visitors. According to the 2013 Law Firm Website Conversion Study,” which was commissioned by LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell, prospective clients use those first few seconds to evaluate a law firm’s website, gauge their professionalism, and determine their ability to practice law.

Consumers are growing increasingly comfortable searching for information online, even when it pertains to legal issues. However, law firm websites need to observe certain principles if they want to engage and convert site visitors. Indeed, according to the LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell study, there are particular website elements that motivate site visitors to contact law firms, as well as particular website elements that would dissuade them from contacting law firms.

The 2013 Law Firm Website Conversion Study,” notes the feedback of participants on newer website elements—such as blogs, social media links/widgets, and videos—as well as more established industry best practices—such as prominent contact information, a professional image, and showcased experience.

Features that Positively Impact Conversions on Law Firm Websites

The study notes that there are certain universal “building blocks of success” that positively impact conversions on law firm websites.

These elements are:

  • Location
  • Navigation
  • Attorney Profiles
  • Practice Areas
  • Free Case Evaluation
  • Consumer Education


  1. Location

The law firm’s location should be prominently featured on the website. Aside from listing the full address of the office location, participants of the study were more inclined to contact law firms that prominently featured maps and directions to their offices on their websites.

  1. Navigation

Participants of the study wanted to know very quickly whether law firms could help them with their legal issues. Hence, law firm websites that were well-organized and easy to navigate were given very favorable ratings. Such websites allow site visitors to find pertinent information (such as information about attorneys, their practice areas, and specific legal topics) quickly and easily. In contrast, law firm websites that require site visitors to perform several clicks to determine practice areas, or require site visitors to read through a great deal of text to discover the information they need, were given lower ratings.

  1. Attorney Profiles/ Practice Areas

Well-designed attorney profiles gave participants a greater sense of the attorneys’ skills, personality, and competence. Elements that constitute a well-designed attorney profile include photos (including photos of the attorneys), biographical information, and matter experience. Participants also wanted to discern very easily the attorney’s area or areas of practice.

  1. Free Case Evaluation

Many participants favored law firm websites that prominently displayed offers for free case evaluations. This is because many participants were unwilling to contact law firms that charged for the initial consultation—especially if the lawyer might not ultimately take the case.

  1. Consumer Education

High-quality, targeted, and genuinely helpful content appealed to participants. Favorable ratings were given to law firm websites that explained participants’ legal issues and offered useful educational content. Search engines like Google and Bing also favor law firm websites that regularly publish high-quality, unique, and useful content, and give much higher organic rankings to websites that meet such criteria.

In addition, participants gave the following characteristics favorable ratings:

  1. Prominently Featured Case Results

Participants also favorably rated law firm websites that published case results. In fact, participants did not prioritize major awards, as many felt that firms that featured smaller wins were more interested in taking on cases of all sizes. Law firm websites that only published big wins were seen as being rather intimidating, and participants were less inclined to contact such law firms about smaller matters.

  1. Descriptions of Third-party Competitive Differentiators

Law firm websites that featured professional achievements, independent ratings, or client reviews scored significantly higher than law firm websites that lacked such third-party competitive differentiators. Participants wanted to learn more about the positive qualities that distinguished the law firm from its competitors.

  1. Prominently Featured Videos

A considerable number of participants found professional videos on the website to be highly persuasive. As many clients do not wish to work with lawyers and law firms that make them feel uncomfortable, they will watch videos found on law firm websites that provide a compelling glimpse into the attorneys’ personalities, as well as the atmosphere of the law firm.

  1. Well-integrated Social Media Links/Widgets

Law firm websites that prominently displayed their social media links/widgets were seen as being more accessible, and were viewed more favorably by some participants.

  1. Responsive Web Design

Law firm websites that have been optimized for various devices—such as desktops, smartphones, and tablets—were viewed more favorably by participants. Site visitors are turned off by web pages that do not load correctly on their screens, and websites that aren’t responsive will see a precipitous drop in their traffic and conversions. Google and Bing also hate websites that aren’t responsive, and will penalize such websites.

Features that Negatively Impact Conversions on Law Firm Websites

Of course, there are also features that would negatively impact conversions on law firm websites. According to the LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell study, the following features dissuaded its participants from contacting the law firm being featured on the website:

  1. Websites that Appear to be too Commercial

Participants were turned off by law firm websites that focused too much on payment or appeared to be too eager for business. While call to action terminology such as “Call us today!” might work in other niches, such language dissuades site visitors from contacting law firms. Prospects would rather hire attorneys that seem more interested in making a difference than in making a profit.

  1. Mediocre Visual Design

Badly designed or visually mediocre websites also drive site visitors away en masse. Participants said they were less likely to contact law firms that had cluttered web pages, unappealing visuals and color schemes, as well as layouts that were difficult to navigate.

  1. Paucity of Photos and Poorly Chosen Images

Some participants greatly disliked stock images, especially if they found the images to be emotionally upsetting. Disturbing images (such as those of injured people and accidents) were flagged, even if they related to the area of law being practiced. Participants also expressed disappointment at law firm websites that lacked pictures of their lawyers.

  1. Missing Case Results

Participants expected case results to be prominently displayed or easy to locate, and expressed disappointment at law firm websites that did not contain this information.

  1. Poorly Designed Contact Forms

Participants were turned off by contact forms that were unnecessarily intrusive or required extra, tedious steps to complete.

A Questionnaire for Law Firms that Want to Convert More Site Visitors on their Websites

Attorneys who want to convert more of their site visitors and lower their bounce rates need to answer the following questions:

  • Does their firm’s website convey a professional image?
  • Can site visitors easily determine if the law firm’s offices are nearby?
  • Does the firm demonstrate its ability to handle the prospective client’s legal issue?
  • Does the firm demonstrate its expertise through its website?

Anything less than a resounding “yes” should be reason enough to subject your website to expert analysis and redevelopment. Your website should be the central component of your online marketing strategy. Aside from providing a window into your firm’s positioning, strengths, and capabilities, your website should also outline the specialist skills of individual lawyers, and provide educational content that your site visitors will find useful.

With the right mix of targeted content, compelling design, and useful features, attorneys can connect more effectively with their site visitors, and convert them into prospective clients who will contact the firm for more information or set up appointments.

Does your firm’s website meet the following criteria, or is it sorely lacking in the website elements and/or characteristics that lead to successful conversions?

If your law firm website is deficient in any of the aforementioned website elements or characteristics, there’s no need to panic as we’ll be more than glad to assist you. We provide professional web design and development that focuses on keeping your website dynamic and up-to-date. We’ll incorporate all the website elements and characteristics that will reduce your bounce rate and increase your site conversions.

Additionally, we’ll optimize your website with targeted keywords and keyword phrases that will increase its rankings on the organic search results of Google and Bing. We’ll also update your website blog with useful educational content that will nurture your leads and lead them down the sales funnel, transforming them into clients. If that wasn’t enough, we’ll also set up, optimize, and update your social media accounts, and manage your interactions with your audience.

We’re experts when it comes to marketing law firms online. We’ll establish your brand presence, increase your brand’s reach, drive more qualified traffic to your website, and increase your conversions.

Contact Nacke Media today, and get a FREE consultation on how to design or redesign your law firm website and increase your conversions!

Call us, send us an email, or fill out the form and take your law firm to greater heights!

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5 Lessons I Learned From Analyzing 259,240 Visitors in 2015 Tue, 14 Apr 2015 19:38:40 +0000 I recently analyzed traffic from 54 websites in a wide variety of local and […]

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I recently analyzed traffic from 54 websites in a wide variety of local and national niches in 2015 to better understand traffic trends and make sure we’re staying on the cutting edge in internet marketing.

There were 5 major takeaways from the data.  Let’s jump right in!

Total Traffic Analyzed – 249,587 Visitors

total visitors in 2015

34% of traffic is mobile in 2015 … a 50% increase since 2014

2014 mobile comparison2014 Traffic by Device

66% Desktop

22% Mobile

12% Tablet

2015 mobile traffic comparison2015 Traffic by Device

55% Desktop

34% Mobile

11% Tablet

Mobile devices are driving more and more traffic while desktop traffic continues to decline.  Next year, mobile traffic will be neck-and-neck with desktop traffic if this trend continues.

The Takeaway:  You need a mobile friendly website.  I suggest a responsive design that looks great on all devices.

Mobile Visitors Spend 25% Less Time & View 23% Less Pages

Mobile visitors don’t waste time on websites.  They quickly look for the information that they need and if they don’t find it, they leave.

The Takeaway: Mobile Traffic forces us to capture attention faster than ever.  To do this, make sure your website is focused on getting your visitors to become subscribers or customers as soon as possible.  We’re doing this by testing exit intext popups to try to capture visitors email addresses before they leave the site.  By using split testing and multivariate testing on your website, you can get a greater percentage of people to becoming a returning visitor.

 Chrome is The Most Popular Browser

2015 browser usage38% – Chrome

27% – Safari

14% – Internet Explorer

11% – Safari (in-app)

7% – Firefox

3% – Other

This statistic is important for cross browser compatibility testing.  Basically, you need to test 4 different browsers on your computer (Chrome, Safari, IE, and Firefox), and the browser on your iPhone and iPad whenever you make any sweeping changes to your website to make sure it looks good on all devices.

Some of the most common changes that I have found need to be tested are anything that involves JavaScript or CSS.  For example, I am testing an exit popup on a few different sites and trying to find the best popup to use on each site.  By testing this popup in the five browsers listed above, I discovered that it wasn’t working in Internet Explorer or Firefox, which basically means that I’m missing out on 20% of all traffic if I don’t find a popup that works in those browsers.

The Takeaway: Just make sure you test new website features thoroughly across the five major browsers and devices listed above and you’ll be good to go.

The iPhone & iPad Are The Most Important Mobile Devices

2015 mobile devices

50% – iPhone

21% – iPad

17% – Other

12% – Unknown

This reinforces the browser data from above.  There are lots of other devices used and I looked through this data quite a bit.  The next most prominent device is the Samsung Galaxy.

The Takeaway: If you don’t already have one, go out and buy an iPhone and an iPad so you can test these devices on your site as you make changes in the future.  I’ve tried using emulators in the past, but they are not as reliable as using the actual devices that will be used by your visitors.

Pinterest Sends SERIOUS Traffic!

social media traffic sources

Pinterest is sending more traffic than Facebook and WAY MORE traffic than Twitter.

I’ve been seeing this trend for about a year since Facebook changed their newsfeed algorithm and brands are not getting the same “love” that they were before.  Facebook has become a “pay to play” platform and is causing a lot of businesses to reduce their efforts on Facebook.

Other notable traffic sources include Yelp, Discus, Blogger, LinkedIn, Google+, and TripAdvisor.

The Takeaway: If you’re not actively creating content for Pinterest, you’re missing out on a massive traffic source.  This is quite literally the best single social media site to drive traffic to your business right now.  We’re driving traffic to our client’s sites through Pinterest by creating visual content (like infographics, recipes, guides) and sharing images that are first posted to our client’s blogs and then pinned to make sure that all clicks come back to our sites. This strategy is working like gangbusters.  I’ll do a full blog post on this strategy soon.

Also, if you want to drive traffic with Facebook, a Facebook Advertising campaign is an absolute necessity.  I’ve found that driving traffic organically from Facebook has become incredibly hard, but their advertising platform is light years ahead of any other site.  The targeting features on Facebook give you the ability to laser target your prospective customers and drive traffic to your website for significantly less than almost every other platform.

How I Analyzed This Data

Thanks to BIME Analytics for allowing me to use a free trial of their application to collect and compare all of this data.  Comparing information about multiple analytics profiles is not a native function in Google Analytics, but BIME allows you to connect to multiple analytics account, import all of the data, and compare it in a single dashboard.  I compared three different similar solutions and BIME was the best multi-account analytics application I could find.

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Digital Marketing Tips for Accounting Firms Mon, 30 Mar 2015 20:07:35 +0000 Businesses that want to succeed in the digital age need to develop a strong […]

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Businesses that want to succeed in the digital age need to develop a strong online presence and dynamic digital marketing strategies. This rule of thumb applies to many industries, including accounting.

Thirteen years ago, many accountants and accounting firms didn’t have websites, many popular social media sites didn’t exist, and the idea of developing a strong online identity to foster client acquisition and retention was still in its infancy. Fast track to 2015, and having an up-to-date website is considered the bare minimum for accountants who want to harness digital marketing to capture, nurture, and convert leads, as well as grow their businesses.

Digital Channels Have Diversified Greatly

Technology is developing at break neck speed, with digital channels diversifying to a bewildering degree. Increasingly, potential clients are calling the shots—if they’re looking for a new accountant or accounting firm, they’re likely to search online for prospects (via organic and paid searches, online directories and review sites, as well as social media sites, just to name a few).

Whether it’s acquiring assistance for financial concerns; dealing with government paperwork; or acquiring professional expertise for business loan applicants and overdrafts, potential clients are more likely to do their own research online than browse the physical yellow pages or ask others for recommendations.

Potential clients will read blog posts to learn more about you and the services that you offer. They’ll peruse reviews about you or your firm on social media or review sites. Additionally, they’ll choose when and how to contact your firm (should you be fortunate enough to be shortlisted). Should they choose to contact you, they have numerous touch points to consider: they could email, call, chat, or fill an inquiry form.

Despite the growth in digital channels and data points, as well as changing consumer behavior, recent studies have shown that many accountants and accounting firms aren’t monitoring the effectiveness of their marketing activities, with many failing to invest strategically in their digital marketing.

Many CPA Firms Aren’t Investing Strategically in their Digital Marketing 
A study sponsored by Thomson Reuters and the Association for Accounting Marketing makes it pretty clear that many accountants and CPA firms aren’t taking full advantage of the benefits being offered by digital marketing and the explosion of digital channels.

Surprisingly, 63% of surveyed CPA firms stated that their websites are the least effective of their tactics for lead generation. As a result, an astonishing 60% of surveyed CPA firms don’t possess the tools or technology to convert website visitors into leads. Even though millions of Americans own smartphones and tablets, and regularly browse the Internet using these devices, many accounting firms haven’t updated their websites in over two years.

Websites that aren’t mobile responsive are less likely to download quickly and correctly on the web browsers of users. Such websites will experience high bounce rates and poor user engagement.

The study sponsored by Thomson Reuters and the Association for Accounting Marketing also made it clear that many CPA firms aren’t using lead generation tools and technologies, and many lack dedicated strategies and tactics for lead generation. This is surprising because in many cases, neither budget nor partner resistance are stumbling blocks to marketing technology acquisition.

While landing pages remain fundamental to effective lead generation, almost 60% of respondents said they don’t use landing pages or forms on their websites for lead acquisition. [See Figure 1]

Figure 1 from a study sponsored by Thomson Reuters & the Association for Accounting Marketing

The same study revealed that only 13% of surveyed CPA firms are automating their marketing processes. One common means of automating marketing processes to facilitate lead nurturing and conversions is via drip marketing software. Once the first touch is made by a prospect, they are automatically sent a series of emails at periodic intervals. This ultimately leads to a request for a sales meeting.

Other marketing automation products will automatically push notifications of new blog posts to social media sites, along with links back to the blog, or send emails to the right prospects at the right time.

Many CPA Firms Aren’t Measuring the Results of their Lead Generation Activities

While using marketing analytics to analyze ROI is a standard practice in many industries, measuring marketing results isn’t widely practiced in the accounting industry.

The study sponsored by Thomson Reuters and the Association for Accounting Marketing indicated that over 80% of CPA firms are tracking where their leads are coming from. In contrast, less than 40% of firms are measuring the success of their lead generation campaigns. Ironically for an industry built around numbers, measuring marketing results isn’t widely practiced by the majority of CPA firms. [See Figure 2]

Figure 2 from a study sponsored by Thomson Reuters & the Association for Accounting Marketing

Recommendations for Accountants/CPA Firms that Want to Excel in Digital Marketing

Accountants and CPA firms that want to succeed in digital marketing need to reassess their marketing goals, and align their strategies and tactics with current best practices.

Listed below are some broad recommendations:

  1. Constantly assess and improve your business website – Despite the explosion of digital channels, your business website remains integral to your online presence. Remember that a great business website will convey your brand’s identity and strengths, convert visitors into individuals who will be ready to take action, and instigate reoccurring visits. Above all, a great business website is mobile responsive.
  2. Utilize search engine marketing – Need to drive more targeted traffic to your business website? Search engine marketing can make it happen! Search engine optimization (SEO), paid search advertising, or a combination of both specialties can boost traffic to your business website.
  3. Understand email marketing and use it wisely – As email marketing outperforms other types of online marketing, you need to go beyond the newsletter and conduct email marketing effectively.
  4. Create, share, and promote high-quality content – You’ll need to create high-quality content if you want to boost your online presence, as well as capture, nurture, and convert your leads. If you can’t do this internally, you’ll need to outsource your content marketing. Moreover, you’ll need to share your content using the most effective content curation tools, and promote it using the most effective channels.

If you want to capture more leads, nurture them, and convert them into loyal clients, you’ll need to invest strategically into your digital marketing campaigns!

You’ve seen the results of the aforementioned studies and surveys: many of your competitors aren’t investing strategically into their digital marketing campaigns. Many haven’t updated their websites in two to five years, invested in lead generation tools and technologies, or automated their marketing processes. Many of your competitors don’t even measure the success of their lead generation campaigns.

You can take advantage of their inertia and lack of foresight by partnering with a professional digital marketing agency that has a proven track record of success and years of experience. In other words, hire us and we’ll re-strategize your digital marketing campaigns.

Our services and years of experience managing digital marketing campaigns for accountants and CPA firms will help you race past your competitors; build a stronger online presence; as well as capture, nurture, and convert more leads into loyal clients.

We’ll set up and manage a professional accounting firm website for you, complete with appealing design and copy that precisely targets your visitors for effective lead nurturing and conversion. We’ll display client testimonials, case studies, and industry reports on your website to educate your leads and drive them further down the sales funnel. We’ll also ensure that your website is responsive to all devices to reduce bounce rates and increase user engagement.

Other services we offer include search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization, and content marketing. We’ll ensure that you’re present in local online directories, whether it’s in single or multiple locations, as well as review sites.

These and other digital marketing services will drive more qualified traffic to your website, as well as improve your online visibility and reputation. By hiring us as your professional digital marketing agency, we’ll take care of all your digital marketing concerns—which gives you the freedom to focus on providing excellent accounting services to your clients.

Contact Nacke Media today, and get a FREE consultation on how to strategically invest in your digital marketing.

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How To Convert an Existing Site to Responsive Thu, 26 Mar 2015 16:43:02 +0000 With Google cracking down on non-mobile friendly websites, the race to responsiveness is heating […]

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With Google cracking down on non-mobile friendly websites, the race to responsiveness is heating up.  If you’ve got some experience coding websites and want to try your hand at converting your own site to responsive, here is a list of good tutorials that will guide you along the way.

How to Turn Any Site Into a Responsive Site – This is a very good resource that covers all different facets of converting a site to responsive.

5 Fantastic WordPress Plugins to Make Your Site Mobile Responsive – There is more than one way to skin a cat, and when it comes to mobile friendly sites, the other way is by using plugins.  The good part of using a plugin is that you can get a mobile friendly site with very little effort, but the bad part is that a mobile-friendly site and a responsive site are not the same thing.  The main difference is that these plugins create a second version of your site that can look completely different than your main theme.  A fully responsive site IS YOUR MAIN THEME, it just adjusts it’s layout according to the size of the screen.

For a better understanding of the pros and cons of responsive vs. mobile, I think this is a nice explanation.

We convert sites to responsive every day.  So if you’d rather have a pro handle the conversion for you, read this page.

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Google Will Penalize Non-Mobile-Friendly Sites on April 21st, 2015 Wed, 25 Mar 2015 16:59:23 +0000 If your site is not mobile friendly, get ready to lose about half of […]

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If your site is not mobile friendly, get ready to lose about half of your website traffic.

Google announced that they are rolling out an algorithm change on April 21st that will negatively affect websites that are not mobile optimized.

Here’s the official release on Google’s webmaster blog:

If you want to see how google is rating the mobile version of your site, here’s the tool they provide:

Here’s another cool tool that shows you what your site looks like on a big desktop screen, a laptop, and iPad, and an iPhone.  Look at using this tool to see how a responsive site is supposed to look.

Nearly Half of All Traffic is Mobile

At least, that has been our experience at Nacke Media.  So if your site is not mobile friendly by April 21st, you can expect to lose about half of your traffic when Google changes it’s algorithm.

Fortunately, getting a mobile friendly site is not that hard.  In our experience, it takes an average of 12 hours of work to convert an existing site to a mobile friendly, responsive website.  We recently wrote about how to accomplish this in our post about the best resources online that teach mobile responsive conversions.

If you’re not a programmer, then we offer a responsive site conversion service that will get you fixed up in a jiffy.  We can have your site passing the mobile friendly test in less than a week.

Here’s a couple of our recent conversions:

ScreenShot225 ScreenShot226

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Testimonial: Nashville Landscaping Service Gets 60+ Leads Per Month Sun, 01 Mar 2015 18:40:48 +0000 We started working with LN Scheer & Sons Landscape Management in November 2010. When […]

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We started working with LN Scheer & Sons Landscape Management in November 2010. When we started, they weren’t getting any new customers from the internet. Now, they are getting 2-3 new leads every day … and I’ll let Lee, the owner … tell the full story.

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Establish an Optimal Marketing Budget for Your Business [Infographic] Sun, 07 Sep 2014 20:25:48 +0000 Establish an Optimal Marketing Budget for Your Business with Our Pro Consultation Services Developing […]

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Establish an Optimal Marketing Budget for Your Business with Our Pro Consultation Services

Developing a dynamic and cohesive marketing strategy has become essential for you if you want to profit in today’s competitive marketplace. Online marketing introduces and promotes products and services to your potential customers. Without the implementation of dynamic online marketing strategies, your potential customers will not learn about your products and services, and your business growth will be impeded.



While some business owners believe that they don’t need to implement strong digital marketing strategies to be successful (with some maintaining and even growing their revenues without a coherent digital marketing strategy), their customers are increasingly turning to the Internet to help themselves with their buying decisions. Furthermore, with the increase in mobile adoption, more and more consumers are using their mobile devices to help them with their buying decisions.

If you want to profit in today’s marketplace, you need to develop and implement strong multi-device and cross-channel digital marketing strategies to effectively reach their potential and existing customers.

How Much Budget Should You Allocate to Your Marketing?

As a general rule of thumb, new businesses are advised to invest at least 10% of their gross annual income into a strategic marketing action plan that covers appropriate online, print, and networking initiatives. However, Entrepreneur magazine advises businesses that want to advance their objectives and sales to invest more time and money into their strategic marketing action plan—as much as 20-30% of their anticipated annual gross revenues, particularly if they are introducing new products or services.

These figures, of course, aren’t set in stone. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, small businesses with revenues of less than $5 million should allocate between 7-8% of their revenues to marketing. This allocated budget should be split between brand development costs and the costs of promoting the business.

The U.S. Small Business Administration states that a small business’s allocated marketing budget should also take into account the business’s industry, the size of the business, and its growth stage. How the marketing budget is spent is equally important, and the budget should be used to outline the costs of the business’s marketing goals within a certain time period.

Your Competitors are Increasing their Marketing Budget in 2014

As the economy continues to recover, more and more marketers are stating that they’ll be increasing their marketing budgets this year to fuel business growth. According to the fifth annual Marketing Budgets Report, which was published by Econsultancy and sponsored by Responsys, 60% of client-side respondents say their companies are increasing their overall marketing budgets for 2014—which is significantly higher compared to 54% in 2013 and 45% in 2012.

Forty- four percent of supply-side respondents say their clients are increasing their overall marketing budgets this year—up from 39% in 2013 and 30% in 2012. As for digital marketing budgets, the number of companies increasing their spending has been remarkably consistent since 2009, and is 71% this year. Digital budgets have largely been insulated from spending cuts as more companies focus on their digital channels to drive business growth, as well as leads and sales conversions.

Meanwhile, only 20% of companies are planning to increase their traditional (offline) marketing budgets over the next year, with 55% of companies planning to keep their traditional (offline) marketing budgets the same over the next year.

Your Competitors are Focusing on Acquisition Marketing

The fifth annual Marketing Budgets Report also stated that more companies say they will be focusing their investments on marketing for new customers (acquisition marketing) over keeping their existing ones (engagement/retention) in 2014. 34% of respondents say they are focusing on acquisition marketing (up from 31% in 2013), while retention/engagement is down from 24% in 2013 to 18% this year.

The modest boost in acquisition marketing can be partially attributed to the more positive economic climate and the corresponding increase in marketing budgets.

Marketing Spend in 2014: Email Marketing, Social Media, & Search (SEO/PPC) Lead the Way

The latest StrongView survey, which was conducted with SENSORPRO, examines business leaders and their planned marketing budgets for 2014. According to the survey, 52% of respondents plan to increase their spend on email marketing, 46% on social media, and 41% on search (SEO/PPC) this year.

In contrast, some traditional advertising channels are seeing a significant decrease in spend.  According to the StrongView survey, 32% of respondents plan to decrease their print advertising spend, while 21% of respondents plan to decrease their direct mail spend.

A prevailing challenge for marketers this year is accessing and leveraging the enormous amount of data being generated by a growing number of marketing channels. 40% of respondents cited accessing and leveraging customer data as the biggest email marketing challenge, while 32% of respondents say they’re struggling to develop more relevant engagements.

How Professional Consultation Can Drive Your Marketing Objectives & Business Goals

While developing a dynamic marketing strategy is important for businesses that want to drive growth, boost their profits, and increase their leads and sales conversions, setting aside the optimal marketing budget to drive these objectives can be a tricky process. This is a problem frequently encountered not just by small and medium businesses, but by large enterprises as well.

Fortunately, we can help business owners like you identify the ideal marketing budget for your organization in order to drive your marketing objectives and business goals. For a limited time, we’re providing FREE PROFESSIONAL CONSULTATIONS WORTH $1000 to business owners who want to establish optimal marketing budgets and become more competitive and profitable in an increasingly cutthroat marketplace.

Our free professional consultation worth $1000 includes a comprehensive research and analysis report, and an in-depth online marketing services blueprint, so that you’ll better understand your current online presence, what your competitors are doing, and what actions need to be taken in order to drive your marketing and business goals.

We typically charge $1000 per consultation because of the extensive research and analysis—not to mention expertise—that is required. Indeed, no other company will offer such comprehensive and superior consultation for free. If you want to compete in the online marketing world, you’ll need serious intelligence and the advice of an experienced, knowledgeable consultant.

We’ll make the effort to research and analyze your target market, your brand, your marketing goals, your past marketing campaigns, your competitors, and your industry to help us devise a sound online marketing strategy for you. Armed with this knowledge, we’ll then proceed with implementation, and every step in the process and every milestone will be aligned with your marketing goals.

Our online marketing services blueprint will outline the services that you need to meet your marketing objectives and business goals, with the corresponding timetable and well-justified marketing budget.

Don’t miss this chance to obtain valuable intelligence and first-rate consultation from the experts. Call us now or send us a message so we can schedule your free consultation.



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VIDEO – Get our Free Pro Consultation Worth $1000 for your Digital Marketing Thu, 28 Aug 2014 00:11:06 +0000 You Need Professional Help.  Get our Free Pro Consultation Worth $1000 You want to […]

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You Need Professional Help.  Get our Free Pro Consultation Worth $1000

You want to get more customers. You want to increase your sales. You want to expand your brand. And you want to grow your business.

You have heard of many success stories about those who ventured into online marketing and you definitely want a piece of the action.

But you don’t know where to start. Like many others you may be clueless at this point—scared, or overly hesitant.


Well, before anything else, you need Professional Consulting with Comprehensive Research, and an in-depth Online Marketing Services Blueprint.

Never heard of this before? We’re not really surprised—because agencies that do this are a rare breed.

There are hundreds of online marketing companies talking to you but you do not know who to trust. Possibly you have been burned before and now you’re extra careful.

Well, many business owners like you share the same hesitation.

It is because not many online marketing companies are really serious about looking into your business with thorough online marketing research and analysis.

Without in-depth research and analysis, and without a properly aligned marketing strategy for your business, any online marketing campaign is bound to fail.

And of course, you do not want to fail. You do not want to waste your hard-earned money. You do not want to waste your time. You want every minute and every little effort put into your campaign to build your marketing and business goals.

So what do you do? Go for companies that see the bigger picture and align themselves with your goals. Go for the ones who really make an effort to research and analyze your target market, your brand, your past marketing campaigns, your competitors, and your industry.  They will ask who your customers are:

Go for companies that have strong marketing sense! Go with us!

We will examine your website, your online presence, as well as your rankings and keywords. We will perform for you:

  • Search Query Research – what are people typing into the search engines to find you?
  • Search Query Traffic Analysis – how many times have people searched for you?
  • Competition Analysis – analyzing over 10,000 web pages of your competition
  • Website Ranking Analysis for your website – where do you show up in the search engines?
  • Online Presence Analysis – what directories and social media accounts do you have?
  • Website Technical Analysis – is your website search engine compliant?

You need a marketing company with strong technical online marketing knowledge!

After completing extensive analysis, we will come back with comprehensive reports, as well as an online marketing services blueprint with the services, timetable, and marketing budget required to accomplish your business objectives:

We are ready to execute for you!

Why do other marketing companies try to throw you into a marketing campaign right away!? Because they are not willing to do the ground work required to ensure a successful marketing campaign. The industry average for such a consultation is $1000, and most clients are not willing to pay this much before launching a marketing campaign.

Here’s the thing. Our mission is to help business owners become competitive, expand their brands, and grow their companies. Seeing businesses succeed with our help is our passion.

We only want to market for you if we are confident we can HELP YOU SUCCEED!

So for a limited time, we are making our consulting, research, competition analysis, and comprehensive online marketing blueprint available to you for FREE.

What’s the catch, you ask?

Well, not so fast. This is not for everyone. And this may not be for you. You have to qualify for this.

We invest a lot of our time into these consulting sessions, and we cannot give these away for free to ANYONE—no one can.

Additionally we do not service clients who are directly competing with one another at a given location or niche.

You may check to see if you qualify by signing up with us risk-free—no obligation. If you qualify, you will receive a short intake call from us in order to gather the initial information required to perform our research and analysis.

We want to give business owners the chance and privilege to know how we can help.  And this may include you.

So call us now, send us an email, or fill-out our contact form to sign up with us today and get a:

  • Professional consultation session,
  • With in-depth research and analysis,
  • And an online marketing blueprint worth $1000, ALL for FREE…

Let us help you expand your brand online, grow your customers and your business, beat your competition, and achieve your business goals.

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Free Pro Consultation Worth $1000 Thu, 21 Aug 2014 20:23:29 +0000 Free Pro Consultation Worth $1000 with Competition Analysis Reports and an Online Marketing Services […]

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Free Pro Consultation Worth $1000 with Competition Analysis Reports and an Online Marketing Services Blueprint

Pro Consultation

You understand that a strong online marketing strategy is vital to success in an increasingly diversified and competitive marketplace. You want to capture more leads and convert them into clients; you want to increase your sales and earn bigger profits. Just as importantly, you want to expand your brands and grow your businesses.

However, many small and medium-sized businesses lack the expertise and resources to develop and implement dynamic online marketing strategies. Additionally, with the emergence of new digital marketing channels and the accelerated pace of mobile and tablet adoption, you may be more confused than ever when it comes to developing the right marketing strategies that will meet their business goals.

You have a concrete need—and that’s where we can help you by providing valuable assistance as an online marketing consultant. We offer you a suite of services that no other marketing company or consultant is offering—professional consultation with comprehensive research and analysis reports, and an in-depth online marketing services blueprint.

We offer you a consultation session that will blow your mind—we will research and analyze your target market, your brand, your past marketing campaigns, your competitors, and your industry. We will scrutinize your online presence by examining your website, your rankings, and keywords. We will show you how you’re faring next to your competitors. Show you the bigger picture.

We will provide you with a proposal that aligns with your business goals, your target market, and your industry. We will provide you with the online marketing services blueprint—together with the services required and the timetable—as well as a well-justified marketing budget.
To sweeten the deal, we offer you the consulting, research, and analysis reports—as well as the comprehensive online marketing blueprint—for free! Don’t forget to mention that this suite of services is worth $1000. Call or email us for a free consultation now.


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Take Your Brand Seriously: Why You Need to Optimize Your Brand [Infographic] Mon, 07 Jul 2014 20:46:23 +0000 Having a brand is beyond having a name, term, sign, symbol or design, or […]

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Having a brand is beyond having a name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of these to identify products and services and to differentiate them from others.  Having a brand means having a set of values or associations that your target customers make with your company, products and services.

First question: What set of values does your target customers associate with your brand? Second question: Do they even know your brand exists?

You need to pay attention to this, and you need to start today. Because if you’re not taking your brand seriously, how do you expect potential customers to take your business seriously? In today’s competitive market, you just can’t let that happen, can you? That’s why we put together an infographic and listed eight tips you can start using today to build your brand.

So… are you building your brand every day? What benefits do you stand to get? What challenges will you face? Discover the answer to all these questions and more below.

See our Infographic:


Know your Target Customers and Build your Brand’s Personality around Them

Like humans, brands also possess or project a certain type or a mix of personalities. In “Dimensions of Brand Personality,” a study published by the Journal of Marketing Research, Jennifer Aaker, now a professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, summarized brand personality into five dimensions: sincerity, excitement, competence, sophistication, and ruggedness. In the infographic, you’ll see defining characteristics for each dimension. For instance, a brand that imbues “sincerity” is perceived to be honest, domestic, genuine, and cheerful.  Therefore people who value these characteristics tend to prefer brands with this personality.

The idea here is to identify the personas of your target customers, and identify your brand as well, using a mix of these dimensions. Then, build and shape your brand around this mix of dimensions. This way, you’ll be able to align your brand persona with your target customers or identify what customers to target based on your brand personality. These dimensions are helpful, especially for small businesses that are just beginning with the creation and strengthening of their brand.

Build your Brand Slowly but Surely or Fast and Strong. Either way, You have to Build it

According to Millard Brown’s Brand Dynamics Pyramid, the value of a business is directly proportional with the value of the brand. If you want to grow your business, you need to build your brand. Analyzing five years of stock market data, the company found that strong brands are more likely to increase their share price than companies with weak brands. “Strong brands are more likely to grow,” the report stressed.

What’s more interesting here is Millard Brown’s pyramid relates how brand strength affects consumers’ expenditure for that brand. This time, brand is inversely proportional with “share of wallet,” or share of category expenditure. For instance, brands at the bottom of the pyramid or those with “presence,” eat up only 12% of spending for that category. On the other hand, those at the peak of the pyramid, or brands with bonding with consumers, account for 40% of wallet share.

You need to move your brand from merely having presence in the market to be performing and eventually having a bond, which is the peak of the pyramid. By moving it up the pyramid, you are also raising the value of your business.

Connect Your Brand to Your Customers

Your brand needs to be able to reach out to your customers and connect with them. Only then will you be able to benefit from it. The biggest benefit perhaps is customer loyalty. According to Nielsen, 62% of your potential customers prefer to buy new products from familiar brands rather than switch to a new one. Be a familiar brand and your customers will stick with you.

Having a connection means being aligned with your customers’ beliefs and earning their trust. According to Edelman research, 92% of global online consumers want to do business with brands that share their beliefs. Customers also want transparency on how products are made and sourced. Will they trust what you say? Put your brand on the line, and they will. Some 69% of global consumers trusted product information on branded websites in 2013, up from 60% in 2007, according to Nielsen.

You Need to Market Your Brand Too

While focusing on other aspects of online marketing (search engine optimization or SEO, paid advertising, etc.), is necessary to market your products or services, you cannot take branding for granted. You also need to put focus on marketing your brand as well. Businesses seem to be getting this right as “brand awareness” is the No. 1 goal of today’s content marketing initiatives. Some 79% of respondents agree, according to a survey by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs.

It’s not surprising that business owners are spending more to build their brand. A survey by the CMO Council and Vizu, a Nielsen company, found that indeed 63% of marketers planned an increase in their online brand advertising budgets. Some 20% said they will raise their brand spending by at least 20%. Despite this budget trend and brand marketing benefits, many owners still struggle in adapting.

Brand-building Challenges Businesses Face

As mentioned earlier, the primary purpose of content marketing for majority of businesses is to build brand awareness. Business owners understand that for them to build their brand, they need to reach out to their target market with engaging branded content. But why are they struggling implementing this?

According to a research by MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute, there are a number of challenges that marketers face in effectively using content for marketing. The biggest setback is lack of budget, with 52% of marketers citing this reason. Producing enough content (51%) and producing the kind of content that engages (49%) complete the top three challenges.

Twenty percent of businesses are responding accordingly by raising their budgets. They are realizing the necessity of branding. As for the other two challenges, they are outsourcing. Writing (64%) and design (54%) are the top services outsourced.

9 Tips How to Seriously Build Your Brand

If you are serious in building your brand – and with all honesty, you should be – you need to start today. Don’t know where to begin? Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Go for a Professional Website Design for Credibility – Studies published by Stanford University found that 75% of Internet users judge the credibility of an organization based on the design of its website. A separate study on websites, meanwhile, found that 94% of all the factors mentioned for rejecting or mistrusting a website were design-related. Needless to say, professional web design plays a crucial role in establishing your business as a trusted brand.

Get Exposure via PPC Remarketing – Pay per Click Remarketing displays your ads to people who have left your website and visited another site within the Google Display Network. The network includes Gmail and YouTube, and two million other sites. Plus, studies show that even if your ads are only seen and not clicked (called “impressions” in PPC), they can still have an effect on viewers.

Use Social Media to Influence Followers – People like to follow brands on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Make sure your accounts are properly branded—with your logo and tagline. Upload a primary photo, a striking banner and a nice background image, and post delightful, persuasive content regularly.

Generate Buzz around your Brand in your Locality and Niche – Optimize your local listings and publish engaging content that turn visitors into customers and loyal customers. This will make your brand more visible on local listings searches.  Put out promos to delight your customers with your brand and increase purchase and loyalty. These promos will generate buzz through your blog, social media accounts and will spread across the social media space. Local searches end in a purchase. Seventy-eight percent happen with buyers using mobile phones, 77% with tablets and 59% with PCs and laptops.

Manage Your Online Reputation – Online Reputation Management or ORM aims to keep your brand trustworthy. Pay particular attention to responding to negative comments and encouraging happy customers to give testimonials.  Seventy percent of global consumers trust online consumer reviews. Make sure that you have lots of 5-star ratings and that these are visible all over the web.

Use Video & Article Content – According to CopyPress, featured articles (62%) and video (51.9%) generate the most attractive return on investment for marketers. Respondents surveyed by CMI and MarketingProfs agree. The top five formats used by content marketers (social media, onsite articles, e-newsletters, videos, and blogs) use articles or video.

Write & Share Articles to Introduce and Build your Brand – Whether appealing to business decision-makers or customers, producing articles is the best choice, according to studies. Articles are preferred over advertisements. No wonder, as Forrester points out, 79% of surveyed marketers reported that their organizations are shifting to branded content.

Reach Out to Your Target Market with Videos – Videos have such a wide reach. Accenture found that 90% of consumers watch online video. Its reach is still growing. According to Cisco, Internet video traffic will account for 69% of all global consumer Internet traffic in 2017. Want your brand to reach your audience? Go video.

Influence Purchase Decisions with Videos – Not only will your brand be able to reach customers through videos, you can also influence purchase decisions. Some 96% of consumers surveyed found videos helpful for making online purchase decisions. Even executives (59%) prefer watching product videos than reading text, said Forbes. What better way to sell your brand than through video?

Take Your Branding Seriously… Today!

If you have been neglecting your branding because of budget constraints, lack of guidance or as a matter of choice because you don’t think it’s necessary, then you need to rethink this. Branding allows you to connect with your target market, convert potential customers into actual buyers, and earn their trust and loyalty. You need to take branding seriously. You need to start today.

We will give you free consultation on our brand optimization services so you’ll know how you can seriously build your brand and benefit from it. Call us now or send us a message so we can schedule your free consultation.

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